Outgoing Erasmus+ Students

Outgoing Students
The candidate must complete the following steps:

Before Mobility:

Application Criteria:

  • Required GPA (2.50 for all students).
  • Minimum passing Foreign Language Examination is 50. It is held by the School of Languages in Fall semester.

Selection Criteria and Process:

  • The number of grantees will be determined annually by the National Agency in accordance with the grant allocated to the country for the year.
  • The Erasmus Office calculates and lists the average score of each applicant by considering 50% of the test of English and 50 % of the students’ GPA. 
  • Results are notified to all applicants via internet and billboards


Required Documents:

  • From the website of the host University that you will study at as an Erasmus student, download 2 copies of the Application Form, fill out the 2 copies and sign them and get them signed as required;
  • Choose the courses you want to take among the courses of the semester in which you’ll study as an Erasmus student with the help and approval of Head of your Department (providing that the ECTS credits of the courses you choose add up to 30 credits);
  • Fill out 3 copies of "ECTS Learning Agreement" and "Proof of Recognition" forms, sign them and get them signed by Head of your Department and Erasmus Institutional Coordinator;
  • Upon approval of Istanbul Esenyurt University Erasmus Programme Office, send via mail the file consisting of the Application Form (2 copies), ECTS Learning Agreement (3 copies), your Transcript and a copy of your Passport to the host University that you will study at as an Erasmus student.
  • Submit acceptance letter from the host university to Istanbul Esenyurt University Erasmus Office.

Health Insurance

It’s the student’s responsibility to get a private health insurance that covers the time s/he will stay abroad as an Erasmus student.

Bank Account

Open a Euro account under your name in Halk Bankası Esenyurt Branch. Submit a copy of your bank account book to Istanbul Esenyurt University Erasmus Programme Office. 

During Mobility:

To be filled changes learning agreement if there are added or deleted courses within two weeks after the semester starts.

After Mobility:

The candidate must complete the following steps:

  1. Certificate of Attendance that you receive from the host University you studied at as an Erasmus student. Also passport copy is asked. Mobility period is the shortest time in the documents.
  2. Transcript that you receive from the host University covering the academic period you studied there as an Erasmus student.
  3. "Final Report Formthat you fill out electronically.


Outgoing Students Language Policy:
      Most of our students who want to participate in the Erasmus mobility programme study English as their major and some of their classes are conducted in a foreign language. However, they must pass an exam in a given language in order to participate in Erasmus mobility. In order to improve our students' language skills the School of Foreign Languages offers Erasmus students guidance and practice in all four of the basic language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Erasmus office of our university provides language support for incoming students and staff in every possible way.

Important Notes: 

The student gets 80% of the grant before mobility. The rest of the grant is paid after mobility. This is ensured by an agreement with the Erasmus Office.

Please check Istanbul Esenyurt University Erasmus Programme Directive for more information click here 
Erasmus Directive.

If you would like to obtain more information about the Lifelong Learning Program please consult the "Erasmus Handbook". It is provided the Education and Youth Programme of the Ministry of The EU in Turkey.