Incoming Erasmus+ Students

Dear Students,

Thank you for choosing Istanbul Esenyurt University for your ERASMUS+ exchange program. Below you will find the necessary steps to follow before coming and after leaving Istanbul Esenyurt University.

Before Mobility

Please fill out the following documents and send them to the International Academic Relations Office via online in order to apply to İstanbul Esenyurt University as an exchange student:
• "
Application Form" for Incoming ERASMUS+ Students
• Official Transcript of Records (from your home university)
• fill in the "
Learning Agreement" Form ensure that your Learning Agreement has been signed by signed by you and approved by the home university  (Learning Agreement Form, click to download)
• Copy of Passport
Or sent them to Istanbul Esenyurt University International Relations by post to the below address
International Academic Relations Office
İstanbul Esenyurt Üniversitesi
Doğan Araslı Bulv. No:120
Esenyurt / İstanbul-Türkiye
For further information, click
 • We will send you a letter of Acceptance after all documents reach to our Office. When you receive the Letter of Acceptance you can make an application to The Turkish Embassy for visa

The students must obtain a Student Visa from the Turkish Consulate in their country before they enter Turkey for their study. The Student Visa can not be obtained after the arrival and tourist visa is not acceptable as a substitute. Incoming students are recommended to apply for visa at least two months before the term begins. Exceptions are those who are legal dependents of someone in Turkey on a diplomatic visa or with a work visa.

Required documents for visa application:

  • Passport (should be valid at least for a year),
  • Completed visa application form taken from the Turkish Embassy or Consulate,
  • Recent passport size photographs,
  • Proof of their student status in their home university,
  • Acceptance letter from Istanbul Esenyurt University,
  • Non-refundable processing fee.

As visa regulations may change quite frequently, students are suggested to contact the nearest Turkish Embassy or Consulate in their country to obtain the most up-to-date and detailed information.

Important Note:

Residence Permit

The maximum period you can stay in Turkey with your visa is three months.  After 3 months, it is necessary for you to get a residence permit. All international students in Turkey must register with the Foreign Nationals Departments of the Police Headquarters in Istanbul within a month of entering Turkey in order to get a residence permit which is compulsory.

The students will be provided with a residence permit valid for the period of time they will be studying at Istanbul Esenyurt University as indicated on their Student Visa and they should always keep this document with them. Documentary requirements include student certificate, five photographs, a copy of the passport with valid student visa, and residence permit fee. Application forms can be obtained from the Police Headquarters, Foreign Nationals department in İstanbul. In this issue, we will quide and help you.

International Academic Relations Office
İstanbul Esenyurt Üniversitesi
Doğan Araslı Bulv. No:120
Esenyurt / İstanbul-Türkiye

International students do not have a legal right to work in Turkey.
• Before arrival, plese have a Health insurance (You must also make an appropriate Health Insurance which is valid for Turkey.) 

After Mobility

  • Prior to your departure we will provide you Transcripts of Records and Certificate of Attendance.


Incoming Students and Staff Language Policy:
The International Academic Relations Office offers a special Turkish Language Course free of charge for incoming students each semester at beginner level. In this way, international students can adapt easily and quickly to the daily life in Turkey. The Office also provides language support for incoming staff upon request. We inform mobility participants about all the necessary language and cultural matters and guide them so that there are no misunderstandings.

Private rental apartments with reasonable rent around our university are available for the students. Students can reside alone or together with housemates in rental apartments.In this issue we will guide and help you.

Mentoring program
The Esenyurt University offers a mentoring program to incoming students .The Peer Mentoring program runs in both the 1st cycle and 2nd cycle programs, offering incoming students the opportunity to benefit from the local students' guidance and advice in settling to study at our university. The Peer Mentoring program is also an opportunity for incoming students to learn the environment, culture, social life and history of Turkey since they will receive dedicated mentors who will be comprised of volunteers from local students and staff.

Click here for "
Accommodation Application Form"